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Biotech Usa Black Leather Belt Austin

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The Austin black leather belt is an essential accessory to protect the lower back and abdominal area when subjected to heavy lifting and exertion in the gym.



What is the Austin black leather belt?

Thanks to the protection they offer, they help to prevent injuries, especially in the lower back.

It has been designed with leather. The materials are of high quality, resistant and durable over time after continuous use. This material provides optimum support and greater thickness.

It provides comfort and a correct subjection. Its buckle fastening allows it to be ideally adjusted to the contours of the person.

For which exercises is it recommended to use the Austin belt?

It is recommended for those exercises that involve the use of the core and stabilisation, due to the heavy loads and efforts.

  • Squats
  • Dead Weight
  • Good Morning
  • Hip extensions.

Benefits of training with the Austin Belt

  • Reduces strain on the lower back from heavy loads
  • Provides greater lower back support 
  • Helps prevent injuries caused by poor posture
  • Helps maintain back alignment
  • Its material, leather, is rigid and provides firmness.

How to use the Austin belt?

Adjust the buckle at the lower back until you feel slight pressure without discomfort.


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