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Biotech Glutamine Zero 300g

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Glutamine Zero is a sports supplement designed with a glutamine base, to be taken after training to aid recovery.



What is Glutamine Zero?

It is a pleasant tasting, powdered post-workout formula. At 90%, the active ingredient of the product is the conditionally essential amino acid glutamine.

It is an essential amino acid that can be produced in the human body. It is the most abundant within all muscles and is involved in a large number of functions. Each serving provides 11 grams of L Glutamine.

Glutamine Zero is sugar-free, aspartame-free and preservative-free.

The properties of glutamine

  • Helps to regulate blood sugar levels
  • Regulates growth hormone secretion
  • Supports muscle mass gain and prevents catabolism
  • Helps to regulate the body's pH
  • Involved in the transport of nitrogen between organs and tissues, as well as in the transmission of amino acids.
  • It is involved in the synthesis of glutathione, one of the most important antioxidants.

Directions for use

Mix one serving (2 level measuring spoons = 2 heaped tablespoons) with 150 ml of water and drink directly after training. On rest days, take in the evening. The use of a shaker is recommended.


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