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Nutrisport Bcaa 250 G

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BCAA 250 G is a sports supplement designed by Nutrisport based on BCAAS or branched amino acids, which contribute to the optimal development of muscle mass.


What is BCAA 250 G?

Its capsule format makes it simple and convenient to take, with no need for preparation.

Proteins are made up of chains of amino acids, among which we find essential and non-essential amino acids. 

Nutrisport's supplement includes Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine in the right proportions. In addition, its formula has been enriched with L-Arginine + L-Ornithine.

Amino acids are involved in numerous metabolic processes and body functions, BCAAs are the 3 most relevant for the formation of muscle mass.

BCAAs, also known as branched-chain amino acids, make up a very important percentage of the amino acid chain in proteins. 

Properties of BCAA 250 G

  • BCAA's are essential for the maintenance of muscle mass as well as for accelerating recovery after physical activity.  
  • They reduce fatigue during prolonged muscular exercise.
  • They promote muscle building.
  • They stimulate protein synthesis and considerably improve absorption.
  • They act as energy support during muscle contraction.
  • L-arginine improves the supply of nutrients to muscle tissue and increases nitric oxide synthesis, resulting in improved blood flow to the muscle,

How to use BCAA 250 G.

Take a 3-5 gram scoop of Branched Chain Amino Acids powder after training, along with your Whey protein shake.


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