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Nutrisport Peptiwhey 2000 150 Comp.

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Peptiwhey 2000 is a sports supplement designed by Nutrisport that has been formulated to provide a rapid supply of amino acid peptides to the muscles.


It provides 2g of whey hydrolysate peptides per tablet, making it the perfect supplement for anyone looking for an easily absorbed dose of amino acids.

It comes from hydrolysed whey protein, i.e. "pre-digested" protein in the form of combinations of two or more amino acids (peptide). Its digestion process is much faster and its absorption much more effective.


  • They are better absorbed by our body and more quickly once they are ingested.
  • They stimulate protein synthesis.
  • They have anti-inflammatory properties and regulate metabolism,
  • They raise plasma amino acids to a greater extent than other forms of protein intake.

Directions for use

Take 6 tablets a day, at any time. They can be divided or taken once a day.


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