226ERS Energy Gel Bio 25G 25mg CAFFEINE

226ers Energy Gel Bio 25g 25mg Caffeine

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226ers Energy Gel Bio 25 mg with caffeine is a gel designed for athletes, to be taken before and during long duration and high intensity workouts.

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The gels are designed to meet the energy demands of sports by providing a sustained energy release. Each gel contains 25 grams.

22ers is a company that is certified by the Organic Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community.

Its composition includes minerals, mainly sodium. This is eliminated through sweat. A marked decrease in sodium can cause muscle cramps, weakness and, in extreme cases, hyponatremia. Its presence in the body increases the rate of water absorption, delays fatigue and decreases urine production, increasing fluid levels. 

They also provide potassium. This is lost with each muscle contraction. Potassium is important for the transmission of nerve impulses. 

It is a gel that contains caffeine in its composition.  Its function is to stimulate the central nervous system and inhibits adenosine receptors. It prevents us from feeling tired, postpones the sensation of fatigue and improves both physical and mental performance. 

What are the benefits of 226ers Energy Gel Bio 40g Caffeine?

  • Preserves glycogen stores. Helps to combat and postpone the feeling of fatigue.
  • Contains caffeine: stimulates the central nervous system and inhibits adenosine receptors, those whose function is to make us feel tired. 
  • It mobilises fatty acids.
  • During aerobic work, it slows down the time to exhaustion.
  • It causes an increase in muscle contraction strength.
  • Easy to carry: you can take it with you to any training session and it is simple and comfortable to use.
  • It provides the maximum available and highly concentrated energy.

How to take 226ers Energy Gel Bio 40g Caffeine?

Take 1 gel every 20'- 60' minutes with water.


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