Amix Zero Hero 31% Protein Bar

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Delicious MilkPro® protein bars. Provides more than 20.1g of protein per serving.

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Protein Bars

Provides over 20.1g of protein per serving

Available in different flavors

What is Zero Hero 31% Protein Bar?

Zero Hero 31% Protein Bar by Amix Nutrition are protein bars made from MilkPro® protein blend.

What are the properties of Zero Hero 31% Protein Bar?

Zero Hero 31% Protein Bar provides more than 20.1g of protein that contributes to:

Preserve and increase muscle mass

Maintain healthy bones

When to take Zero Hero 31% Protein Bar?

Zero Hero 31% Protein Bars are perfect for any time of the day, but are especially useful between meals. You can carry it in your gym bag and take it before or during training.

ZeroHero 31% Protein Bars have an incredible structure for all those athletes who are looking for an increase in the proportion of protein in their diet, whatever their sporting purpose.


Exquisite bars with 31% protein.

They come in a wide variety of delicious flavors.

A patented protein of prominent biological value called MilkPro®.

Original CFM® milk protein isolate.

Low Carb Zone, reduced carbohydrates.

Accessible with a partial or full chocolate coating according to taste.

Easy to carry and to take at any time.

Ideal to complement a high protein diet.

No artificial coloring.

ZeroHero 31% Protein Bar are available in 6 different flavors and with two different types of outer coatings, one with partial and one with full chocolate coating.

These fabulous bars were developed from a patented MilkPro® protein source, a combination of the superior protein sources already on the market (CFM® whey isolate and concentrate with milk protein isolate and concentrate). These bars are low in carbohydrates and totally free of simple sugars, which through their structure, with the fiber inside, have a prominent satisfying power.

Each bar contributes precisely 264 calories that come from 20 grams of protein, 18 grams of carbohydrates with only 1 gram of sugars and 11 grams of fat. In addition, they contain well over 5 grams of fiber and no added salt.

The ZeroHero 31% Protein Bar stands out for its exquisite taste and texture. It is a high protein bar perfect to take any time of the day providing the necessary nutrients for the execution of deep physical occupations.


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