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Biotech Usa Protein Bar 35g

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Biotech Usa Protein Bar 35g is the new bar designed in 9 different flavors, high in protein and with no added sugars.



What is Biotech Usa Protein Bar 35g?

Biotech Usa's new bar helps you achieve your daily protein goals. It has nutritional values that do not go unnoticed and top quality ingredients. Two different protein sources have been used, collagen protein and whey concentrate.

Each protein bar provides 11 grams of this macronutrient. Meeting protein requirements is especially important for athletes, whether strength or endurance, as they are responsible for repairing damaged tissues and muscle mass gain. 

Another feature that makes Protein Bar the most complete bar is that it contains no added sugars. It is suitable for all types of diets and objectives, both for fat loss and muscle mass gain.

Protein Bar 35 g has been designed in 9 unique and different flavors for you to choose your favorite. You can find: pistachio, peanut butter, double chocolate, banana, cookies and cream, strawberry, vanilla, salted caramel and vanilla coconut. 

What are the benefits of Protein Bar?

  • Its convenient 35-gram format is ideal for taking your favorite bar with you and enjoying it anywhere. 
  • Low caloric intake: each bar provides 129 kcal only. 
  • High protein content: 11 grams of protein per bar. Contributes to the maintenance and gain of muscle mass. Provides a great amount of satiety.
  • Two protein sources: The combination of two protein sources has been used: whey concentrate and collagen protein. It is of high biological value as they contain all the essential amino acids.
  • They contain no added sugars. Its sugar content is very low.

When to take Protein Bar?

Protein Bar is ideal any time you want to enjoy an extra protein intake.

You can enjoy Protein Bar after workouts or even at any time of the day, as a snack: to meet your daily protein requirements. Its convenient 35-gram format allows you to take it with you anywhere.

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