Monster Energy Ultra Paradise 500ml

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Monster Energy Ultra Paradise is a refreshing energy drink with a delicious tropical kiwi and lime flavor.


What is Monster Energy Ultra Paradise?  

It has been formulated with a combination of ingredients that will help boost performance and help you achieve maximum energy levels. It is sugar-free and non-carbonated. It has a high caffeine content.

In its composition, we can highlight that it has been enriched with B vitamins that promote energy metabolism. Its delicious kiwi and lime flavor is refreshing and ideal to take at any time when we need an extra dose of energy. 

Monster Energy Ultra Paradise is perfect for all types of athletes, strength or endurance, as well as for people who take care of their diet.   It allows you to enjoy a soft drink without adding sugars or fats, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and with less than 15 calories per serving. 

The properties of Monster Energy Ultra Paradise

  • High caffeine content: each bottle of Monster Energy provides 120 mg of caffeine. 
  • Caffeine reduces fatigue, increases energy levels and concentration. 
  • It does not contain sugars. 
  • Contains B vitamins: Vitamins B3, B6 contribute to maintain an optimal energy metabolism and to reduce tiredness and delay the sensation of fatigue. 
  • It is very low in calories: it contains less than 15 kcal per serving. 

Directions for use 

Take a Monster Energy Ultra Paradise drink before or during workouts to optimize performance and reduce the feeling of fatigue. 


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