Amix Carniline 90caps

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AMIX CARNILINE 90 CAPS. is a fat burner formulated with L-carnitine tartrate. CARNILINE makes the body use fat as energy, thus reducing it.

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What is Amix CarniLine 90 caps for?

Amix CarniLine from Amix Supplements is a unique drink based on L-carnitine tartrate.  It causes the body to use fat as energy, thus reducing fat.

Components of Amix CarniLine:

L-carnitine acts directly on the fats in our body, helping to transport fatty acids into the cells and thus reduce their amount and also helps protein synthesis, thus promoting the creation of muscle mass.

CarniLine 90 caps. from AMIX is completely natural and has no contraindications.

L-carnitine has the function of metabolising fats and transporting them to the mitochondria for subsequent use as a source of energy. L-carnitine also regulates triglycerides in the blood, helping you to train more intensely for longer periods of time and increasing your energy.

Presentation of Amix CarniLine capsules:

90 capsules bottle.

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