Eatlean Queso Protéico Ahumado 350g

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Eatleanahumado is handmade in the traditional way by expert cheesemakers on our dairy farm in England.  It is an ideal and very tasty cheese ideal for fitness diets, fat loss or muscle mass gain.


Eatlean Smoked cheese stands out for maintaining all the flavor, while providing a reduced amount of calories. They have a high protein content, one of the characteristics that differentiates them from any other conventional cheese.  They are low in fat and carbohydrates. Eatlean's main ingredient is pasteurized cow's milk.

You can continue to enjoy all the flavor of your favorite cheese while benefiting from its properties and nutritional values thanks to Eatlean. It is suitable for all types of diets and makes it easier to maintain healthy habits and achieve a greater contribution of proteins of high biological value. 

Each cheese cube weighs 350 grams.

What are the benefits and properties of Eatlean smoked protein cheese?

This cheese has been smoked using a completely natural process, on oak wood chips for 15 hours. Thanks to this elaboration process, its characteristic smoked flavor and extra smoked aroma is achieved.

Produced with unprocessed cow's milk.

It contains no coloring, preservatives or flavorings. Eatlean stands out for being a natural cheese, high in protein and low in fat.

It has 37 grams of protein per 100.

It has very low lactose content. It is suitable for people with a certain degree of tolerance.


Protein smoked cheese has received two awards: 

Winner of the 2019 silver trophy "for the best low-fat cheese".

Winner of the 2018 gold trophy "for the best low-fat cheese".

How to use Eatlean Smoked?

You can combine and prepare it with your favorite recipes, whole or grated: sandwiches, toast, chicken, over pasta, in salads or even omelets. Ideal for cheese lovers.


Keep refrigerated at a temperature between 1 and 5 Cº.


Pasteurized cow's milk, rennet, salt and vegetable ferments.


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