Servivita Cocoa Cream Zerokal 480g.

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Servivita Cream Cacao Cream Zerokal 480g is a cocoa cream compatible with all kinds of diets. If you want to lose weight or simply improve your eating habits, you can enjoy its delicious taste with 0% fat and sugar.

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Composition of Servivita Cocoa Cream Servivita Cream Zerokal 480g

This product contains defatted cocoa (25%), flavouring, sea salt, colouring (ammonium caramel), sweeteners (erythritol, sucralose), preservative (sodium benzoate), acidulant (lactic acid), stabiliser (xanthan gum).

What is Servivita Cocoa Cream Servivita Cream Zerokal 480g for?

Cocoa cream is one of those products that have been with us since we were very young. We have all enjoyed the typical sandwiches filled with this delicious cream and, as we have grown up, we have also seen its use in the preparation of desserts and sweet recipes of all kinds.

However, it has also been revealed to have a very unhealthy nutritional composition. At least that was the case until the arrival of Servivita Crema al Cacao Cream Zerokal 480g. This is a cocoa cream that has 0% fat and sugars, in addition to providing only 3 kilocalories per 10-gram serving; in other words, it eliminates the three most harmful elements.

In this way, with Servivita Cream Zerokal Cocoa Cream 480g, you can take care of your children's diet, but also give a delicious touch of chocolate to your diet, which often seems monotonous and boring.

With products like this, Servivita is proving that anyone can improve their eating habits without having to give up their favourite flavours. Nutrition has evolved to such an extent that there are healthy alternatives for all kinds of products, even some that are hard to imagine, such as this cocoa cream.

Benefits of Servivita Cocoa Cream Servivita Cream Zerokal 480g

  • With all the classic taste and texture of cocoa cream.
  • 0% fat and sugar.
  • Only 3kcal per 10g.
  • Ideal for all kinds of diets.
  • Take care of your children's diet.
  • Add a touch of chocolate to your sweet recipes.


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