Hamburguesa Vegana Terranostra

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Diet Premium Vegan Burger Terranostra offers two types of delicious vegan burgers, chickpea and spinach or beans and beets. They contain no preservatives or colorings and are 100% natural.

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Composition of Diet Premium Terranostra Vegan Burger

Chickpea and spinach burger: Chickpeas, spinach, carrot, water, spices, salt.

Bean and beet burger: Chickpeas, beans, onion, beet, salt, water, sunflower oil, spices.

What is it for?

Terranostra vegan hamburger is one of the best vegan hamburger options on the market. Its composition is 100% natural and eliminates dyes, preservatives and allergens, so it has great health benefits and a valuable ease of digestion.

Contrary to what many people think, switching to a vegan diet does not mean having to give up dishes such as hamburgers, as there are very interesting vegetable alternatives. Terranostra vegan hamburger is the perfect demonstration, since it offers two types of hamburgers with a series of ingredients that, while maintaining the condition of being 100% vegetable, achieve a delicious taste and texture.

Eliminating animal products is a brave and very beneficial decision, both for one's own health and for the fight against the climate crisis. The current meat industry is tremendously harmful, and accounts for a very high percentage of total pollutant emissions. In addition, its production processes mean that the nutritional quality of the final product leaves much to be desired.

If you are thinking of starting your journey in vegan food, Terranostra Vegan Burger may be the final push you need, as you will see that there are vegetable alternatives that offer endless possibilities.

Benefits of Terranostra Vegan Burger

100% natural composition.

Suitable for vegan diets.

Two different types of hamburger.

No dyes or preservatives. Allergen free.


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