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AMIX GreenDay is a special line of food supplements for the general public. Amix Greenday provides a variety of very healthy plant-based products to supplement the diet and to support a healthy lifestyle.

Amix Green Day


Amix Greenday demonstrates that, in the coming years, we will witness the dedication of a new concept that many companies have adopted: healthy nutrition.

Amix Greenday is one of the product lines of Amix Nutrition.

Amix Nutrition was established in 2003 and since then has gradually become one of the most recognised and best positioned brands in the industry.

Thanks to the differentiation of each product line, and specialisation in it, Amix has an extensive catalogue of sports supplements focused on your most specific objectives, offering solutions for all kinds of problems. 

What sets the Greenday line apart is a key shift in sports nutrition and supplementation from being aimed solely at athletes to being open to all types of people and their particular needs. To this end, the items on offer can be of use to anyone, regardless of whether they want to increase their physical performance, muscle gains or simply their health.

Amix Greenday is a line of supplements for the general public. It provides a variety of healthy products of vegetable origin to complement the diet and achieve healthy habits. 

The most selected ingredients are used in its production. These are a series of products that are not so easily found or are not supplied in sufficient quantity to the body through a traditional or common diet.

In the GreenDay line, we can find items that provide large amounts of vegetable protein, the perfect solution for anyone looking to increase consumption of this macronutrient, as well as others that contain B vitamins and are considered multitaskers because they are involved in numerous physiological processes.


The sports supplementation industry is booming, with increasing demand from people who train, and has grown in recent years due to the popularity of disciplines such as fitness, both amateur and professional . Initially, they were mainly aimed at the latter group. The accessibility has been improved. Access to quality supplements, at an affordable price, may not have been available to everyone in the past. The mentality has changed.

The variety of supplements to choose from is increasing, not only designed for athletes, but also for people with dietary deficiencies or inadequacies.

Companies like Amix were born to meet the emerging demand for nutritional supplements aimed at those who are not directly dependent on their physical fitness and one of their goals is to start striving to feel good, improve their performance and appearance.

The supply of supplements on the market has increased considerably, and a variety of new products have been added to the catalogues, the composition of which is intended to promote beginners . Since then, many of the prejudices and myths surrounding the world of fitness have gradually disappeared because more and more people are witnessing the benefits of supplements that have acquired the necessary knowledge and do not represent any danger.

This openness positions the industry as one of the most important in the market, becoming and fostering the development of an industry. Research and innovation are constantly emerging, so that new trends can see the light of day that will completely change sports nutrition.


Greenday supplements are designed to suit all types of needs, which is why they have been designed with totally plant-based products. The number of vegan or vegetarian athletes is increasing, so Amix has decided to join in.

With Amix Green Day products you have the guarantee that the products have been subjected to rigorous controls that guarantee the maximum quality of both the raw materials and the final product.

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