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What is Amix Ketolean Series?

Amix Ketolean Series is a new line designed by Amix that is specially designed for all those people who wish to start or are on a ketogenic or keto diet.

The ketogenic diet is characterised as a low-carbohydrate, high-fat, high-protein diet. It is increasingly used by a large number of people due to its many short- and long-term benefits.

This lack of carbohydrates causes us to enter a state called ketosis , so that our liver converts fats into ketones which provide us with energy without the need for carbohydrates. 

The aim is to obtain greater metabolic flexibility.

Amix Ketoclean

The Ketolean line is based on the Go BHB patent. Thanks to this patent, the blend of mineral salts contained in this patent increases muscle hydration in a way that allows the body to function normally, increasing performance and endurance. 

ketones have a satiating effect and serve as an alternative energy source for the brain, heart and muscles.

There are three different types of ketones:

  • Acetone
  • Beta-hydroxybutyrate
  • Acetate

The ketogenic diet has an anti-catabolic effect because it helps to maintain and conserve muscle mass and internal glycogen while increasing mental focus.

What kind of products can we find in Amix Ketoelan?

The products that make up the Ketolean line are very diverse. From pre-workouts, exogenous ketones, to shakers, Bcaas or Carnitine.

Who are Amix Ketolean products for?

The entire Amix Ketolean product line is designed especially for those people who follow a ketogenic diet and are looking for products that can help them stay in a state of ketosis while enjoying all its properties, as well as for people who want to get started.

Where to buy Amix Ketolean?

We put at your disposal all of them, facilitating the accessibility to them so that you can enjoy their benefits and properties.

You can find all the products in the Ketoelan line on our website.

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