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Thanks to the quality of its products and their delicate flavours, Amix nutrition has become a benchmark in sports nutrition worldwide. All Amix products are made with the highest quality raw materials, using the latest and most advanced technologies in their creation.

Amix nutrition is a company with extensive experience in the fitness and bodybuilding sector, as well as other individual and group sports. Founded in 2003 in Manchester, it is a leading sports nutrition brand focused on sportsmen and women who are looking for a qualitative improvement in the performance of their sporting activity and who are looking to improve their performance.

The Amix brand is made up of 6 lines totally differentiated and focused on a different type of athlete who is not only looking to increase and improve their performance, but also to take care of their body.

Amix nutrition

Amix nutrition is the basic range of sports supplements of this brand . It is focused on the conventional sportsman and has proteins, carbohydrates, micronutrients in different formats, fat burners, pre-workouts, with or without stimulants, with or without allergens, etc.

Amix Nutrition

A basic line but that certainly supplies and covers all the needs that the athlete requires through its sports supplements free of doping agents.

Today, the Amix brand is no longer based exclusively on sports nutrition. Its new lines also offer products for healthy eating and general care for both men and women.

All in all, Amix proves with the progress and development of its product lines that it is now a global benchmark in the field of sports nutrition. What began as an initiation brand with its basic Amix nutrition range, has become over the years a reference model for all types of sportsmen and women .

How to take MAP Amix?

MAP from Amix has been designed to provide the necessary amount of each of the amino acids it contains. In this way, protein synthesis is optimised to the maximum while maintaining a high capacity for absorption by the body.

Thanks to its composition, in which the most important essential amino acids for the muscular system have been selected, with this supplement from Amix you will be sure to achieve an increase in your sports performance. By increasing the amount of protein that the body is able to produce, several objectives are achieved: on the one hand, muscle tissue is protected against catabolism and, on the other hand, the growth of lean mass is facilitated.

Of course, these qualities must be used during training, so it is always recommended that MAP Amix is taken about 30 minutes before going to the gym.

How to take Amix creatine?

Creatine is one of the most widely used compounds in the world of sports supplementation , but it is common for doubts to arise about how to take it in order to make the most of its great benefits.

To answer this question, it is important to know some of its properties, as this will make it easier to decide when it is best to take a supplement of this type.

Without going into too much detail, Amix creatine has a function mainly related to muscle energy. An extra supply of creatine helps to keep energy reserves in good condition and always available, delaying the onset of fatigue and allowing you to take your performance a step further. In the same vein, it can also help replenish these stores, making recovery periods more effective.

This improvement in muscle performance will translate, over time, into an optimisation of the results obtained, whether in terms of volume gain, definition or any other sporting objective. For this reason, Amix creatine should be taken about 30 minutes before training.

In the case of creatine monohydrate, a loading phase is necessary before normal intakes. The amounts and times will depend on the particular supplement you are using.

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