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Amix Nutrition is the most recognised brand of Large Life, a corporation founded in 2003 and focused, from the beginning, on offering products dedicated to high-performance sports. With a large R&D infrastructure behind them, they have been placing themselves at the top of sports nutrition not only in Spain, but also in the European Union. Thanks to this great expansion, they have the capacity to continue investing in creating new products to be the solution to almost all the needs of the athlete. And from this growth comes the Amix Pro Series range.

Professional supplements for professional sportsmen and women

The essential premise of the Amix brand is based on increasing the performance of its customers and significantly improving their performance when training and competing. With that goal in mind, the range of products on offer is huge, making it very difficult not to find the perfect supplement for you, whatever your goals may be.

However, with the Amix Pro series, the focus moves away from the casual athlete and more intensely into the realm of the professional athlete who makes a living from physical activity, or at least is working towards it. Although it is true that Amix Pro Series products are not closed to any particular type of consumer and anyone can experience, always with the appropriate prior information, the benefits of high-level supplementation.

Amix Pro Series' flagship products

To begin with, a division can be made into two categories: on the one hand, there are the classic items purely related to performance enhancement ; but the brand has also wanted to demonstrate its commitment to maintaining optimal health and offers several supplements to protect the liver, improve digestion and combat the possible negative effects of some of its products.

Within the first of the aforementioned groups, and as is often the case, protein supplements top the list. ISO HD 90 or Amino Gold are two examples of the different options that exist to take care of muscle mass, improving it and preventing its degradation.

On the other hand, weight loss and definition take centre stage with Lipidrol Fat Burner or GPLC , two helpers to eliminate excess fat and, in addition, achieve weight stability when doing a definition routine.

As for amino acids , one of the most effective compounds when it comes to improving post-workout recovery, BCAA 4:1:1 is positioned as an option to consider, while Michelle Night Amino technology allows you to improve your muscle tone even during your sleeping hours.

Talking about the novelties brought by Amix Pro , we must mention the liver protector Hepacor or Enzygen , a food supplement that improves the digestive processes and makes sure to minimise the possible inconveniences that may arise from a strict sports nutrition diet.

These products and many others that have not been named, but are present in the catalogue of Nutrimarket , make Amix Pro Series one of the most complete ranges that the company has developed. Its wide range of supplements makes it very easy to find that extra touch that will allow you to go one step further, while ensuring high quality thanks to its extensive experience in the sector.

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