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BIG is a strong commitment to the future of sports nutrition. BIG supplements have an exclusive formulation never seen before, which will give you breakthroughs where other brands cannot.

Big Nutrition is a sports nutrition brand that is fortunate to have the backing of one of the most recognized and prestigious companies in the industry: Universal McGregor . In this case, the Big product line deals with the specific sector of supplementation, with a catalogue in which two factors stand out above all else: professionalism and variety.

Just a glance at the packaging of Big Suplementación makes it abundantly clear that this is a company with a high level of expertise and professionalism, but the best is on the inside.Thanks to the use of top-quality raw materials , Big's products have powerful properties that are highly beneficial for the athlete's body. In terms of variety, suffice it to say that the brand's catalogue offers solutions for absolutely every nutritional need of the athlete.

Big Nutrition, the success of a smart strategy

Universal McGregor's commercial strategy is a very smart move, as by separating its product ranges into different brands it manages to ensure that each of them has an important presence in its niche market. In other words, it gives the impression that they are companies in their own right, when in fact Big , Max Protein, Be Essential and Harder all belong to the same parent company.

The example of Big Supplements is very valid to show the results of this way of working, as it has carved out a very important niche in the sports supplementation sector. It would probably have been more difficult to reach this point if Universal McGregor marketed all its products under the same brand, as diversifying so much runs the risk of not being able to penetrate deeply into any niche.

In addition, Big Nutrition has a number of characteristics that have become vital for the current state of sports nutrition. After a few years of exponential growth, it seems that a period of stabilisation is arriving, in which most people are already familiar with the world of fitness and their interest in supplementation is nothing new. The positive side of this is that the prejudices surrounding all these companies are diminishing, but in return, customers are more knowledgeable and their demand is increasing.

Big Nutrition

Thus, it is necessary to offer as professional an appearance as possible, in addition to certifying the quality of the products, something that Big has been able to focus on very well . The external appearance of their supplements brings professionalism and seriousness, while the use of the best raw materials ensures the right quality.

The variety of Big supplements and the example of Big Protein

The other determining factor at the moment is variety. The differences between each of the profiles of athletes who are interested in supplementation are abysmal: from the professional athlete to the most inexperienced beginner. Thus, the only way to satisfy all needs - or as many as possible - is to be able to diversify the products offered, the characteristics of which must be adapted to different levels of demand.

Big Protein is one of the most popular lines , and within it, a comparison can be made between two products that perfectly exemplify the variety we are mentioning.

The supplements in question are Big Hydr0% and Big Whey . The former boasts potent characteristics derived from 85% high-level protein, while the latter provides 72% protein. These are two very valuable percentages that demonstrate the good quality of the brand, but one of them may be too much for a beginner while the other may fall short for the needs of a professional.

In other words, both have similar properties and their differences come down to suitability for one type of customer or the other. This is repeated throughout the entire catalogue of Big Suplementación , making it an ideal option for any type of sportsman or woman who wants to improve their physical performance.

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