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Brave is a new brand that was born in 2017 in London, England, with the aim of designing and turning the world of snacks around, combining legumes and healthy.

What is Brave?

Brave's most acclaimed product, roasted peas, are deliciously crisp and grown in East Anglia. They have incredible nutritional characteristics, which turned out to be just the beginning of a great range of snacks made from pulses. 

As the months went by, and its success among people who want to enjoy healthy snacks, take care of their diet and improve their habits, Brave continued to expand its product line to meet the needs of the most demanding people.

It currently has a wide variety of flavours and formats , made with only peas and chickpeas as raw materials. 

What makes Brave products different?

The Brave snack range is characterised by its incredible nutritional properties and high protein content. It is based on pulses, in particular peas and chickpeas.

They are completely vegan, contain no added sugars and all the ingredients are natural and grown in the East of England.

In addition to their high protein content , making them an ideal choice for sportsmen and women, they have a high fibre content. In addition, as they are toasted and not fried, they are low in calories: each portion has approximately 130 kcal. 

Brave and sustainability

Brave is committed to sustainability and environmental care. For this reason, all snacks have become the most sustainable source of protein on the planet. 

  • The production process : of all the protein sources, the ones used by Brave are the ones that emit the least amount of greenhouse gases.
  • Local production: to obtain the pulses used, peas and chickpeas produced by farmers in the East of England are used, maintaining their local production and further avoiding impact on the environment.
  • The packaging : the entire Brave snack range is made from recyclable materials. At Brave, we are constantly searching for and developing ever more sustainable alternatives that reduce our impact. 

Why choose Brave?

Brave is the healthy snack option, ideal for people who want to take care of their diet, vegans looking for an innovative source of protein and all those people who want to enjoy the taste of pulses like never before. 

Pulses are the most sustainable source of protein on the planet. With Brave, you're not only taking care of your body and your diet, you're helping to care for the planet.

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