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Feeling Ok is a complete line of products, inspired by traditional Italian food, with the difference that they have a lower amount of carbohydrates and have been adapted to the most specific nutritional needs.

What is Feeling Ok?

They have been elaborated, trying to maintain the flavours of the Mediterranean diet , but with a better composition . They have a high fibre content, from selected blends, and their protein value has been increased thanks to different types of vegetable protein. 

All Feeling Ok products have in common that they have a reduced amount of carbohydrates. They are ideal for people looking to reduce their intake of starches and sugars, and to maintain overall fitness and health.

What product lines can be found in Feeling OK?

All the foods and products produced by Feeling OK are classified into three different lines according to their nutritional properties and the purpose for which they are designed.

Start line

The Start line has been created to boost and elevate our metabolism. All foods belonging to Start have a very low carbohydrate content. It is ideal for making the body less accustomed to doing without sugars and carbohydrates in large quantities.

When we do not have enough carbohydrates, certain mechanisms are activated that favour the use of fats as a source of energy. This boosts metabolism.

We can find all kinds of foods, from your favourite sweets such as croissants, pannettone, chocolate-flavoured spreads to pasta, bread and rice with very low carbohydrate intake. 

Optimize line

The Optimize line has been created with the aim of creating foods with a low glycaemic load and thus optimising the consumption of a reduced carbohydrate intake.

When a food has a low glycaemic load, the insulin peak generated is much lower.

We can find all kinds of foods in Optimize: croissants, breads, toast in different flavours, pasta and even rice. 

Life Style

The most innovative and recent line. It is characterised by foods enriched with selected dietary fibres, and a low glycaemic index . They provide a source of slow carbohydrates, which provide energy progressively over time.

All Life Style foods provide a long-lasting and gradual source of energy over time, controlling the insulin spike it generates.

Who is Feeling Ok recommended for?

Feeling Ok is recommended for anyone looking to reduce the carbohydrate intake in their diet, while still enjoying the delicious traditional Italian flavours, inspired by the Mediterranean diet. It is ideal for people who want to reduce their fat percentage, improve the efficiency of their metabolism and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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