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Gold Nutrition is a brand of Portuguese origin, born in 2000 with the clear purpose of placing its products in a visible place in the -at that time- incipient sports nutrition market. Over time, the large growth in the number of athletes who take their performance seriously has led to an increase in the interest in supplementation. Therefore, in parallel, the company has been focusing on consumer demands to reach the top of the industry.

Gold Nutrition: experience and quality

Gold Nutrition was founded by Custódio César, a professional nutritionist with a long career. In other words, from the very moment of its creation, the company had the knowledge and experience of someone who knows the industry inside out and who is also the ultimate authority and decision-maker. Although it may seem obvious, being headed by someone who shares the same vocation and goals as the brand is a very important characteristic . Nowadays it is quite common to see entrepreneurs who know that sports nutrition is a profitable business, and create their companies without knowing much more about this world.

As it could not be otherwise, the president was very clear from the beginning what was the key on which to build his entire project: quality. Sports supplementation is surrounded by a kind of mistrust that, although it is true that it is becoming less and less visible, makes many people have a certain respect for this type of product. The reason for this has to do with the misuse of these products by irresponsible athletes, who ignore all the recommendations and, instead of getting better, suffer the consequences in the form of health problems.

With this in mind, Custódio César made sure, from day one, to make it very clear that Gold Nutrition only offers supplements with a solid and real quality guarantee.

To prove that this goal has been more than achieved, one only has to look at the list of brand ambassadors . Among many other names, we can highlight Cédric Soares , Eurocup champion with Portugal in 2016, or the Spanish triathlete Mario Mola , who has been proclaimed world champion three times in a row (2016, 2017 and 2018). These are elite athletes who trust Gold Nutrition , so the company has an obligation to offer the highest quality , as these people are putting their salary and career on the line.

Gold Nutrition products for every need

Gold Nutrition offers a very valuable variety of products, as has not closed its catalogue around supplements in the form of shakes or capsules, which provide protein, carnitine, BCAAs and such more typical substances. The possibilities presented include alternatives such as bars , a very convenient format that allows you to ingest any necessary element without having to be at home. In addition, the texture and flavours available will make you forget that you are on a strict diet, as they will be a real pleasure for the palate.

On the other hand, the GoldNutrition Clinical line is focused beyond athletes, as anyone can benefit from the properties of products such as Melatonin Power Sleep, which contains melatonin and valerian to improve sleep.

In terms of sports supplements per se, the options are many and very powerful. A good example is GoldNutrition Iso Hydro Whey, with an incredible 87% protein and less than 1% saturated fat. Next to it there are recoverers, explosive energisers, BCAA's with a ratio of 8:1:1 and much, much more. Always with quality as a guaranteed maximum value.

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