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What is Pancake Diet?

Pancakes Diet is a brand that manufactures, produces and markets products, combining ingredients such as oatmeal with egg albumin , with the aim of offering us a recipe that will be perfect when preparing pancakes . This brand uses fresh raw materials, without any refining process thus retaining all their properties and characteristics .

One of the characteristics of Pancake Diet products is that the oats used are wholemeal, or manipulation that could alter its properties, . Pancake Diet pancakes provide a total of 14 grams of excellent quality proteins as well as being free of sugars and containing a high amount of fibre.

The presence on the market of Pancake Diet, is very beneficial and positive , as they offer the market an alternative when it comes to healthy eating as well as being rich in proteins and fibre, being a clear substitute for traditional pancakes, These pancakes are also perfect for all those who just want to have and maintain a healthy diet without having to do without enjoying the tasting of certain foods.

Our best ally at breakfast

Pancake Diet products are ideal to be consumed during our breakfasts providing us with a large amount of proteins and fibre in a healthy way , , taking care of our body from sugars and fats that are harmful to us, that is why Pancake Diet pancakes are one of the star products , are proteins and the other 50% are carbohydrates. 

Pancake Diet products are the perfect complement for breakfasts and snacks of all those who want to maintain a balanced diet in accordance with their lifestyle.

In Pancake Diet we can find a great variety of products , among which 2 stand out:

Pancake Diet Pro : This product consists of pancakes, which have been made from top quality ingredient , These are completely natural , guaranteeing the non-existence of any processed ingredient . These pancakes are based on oats, one of the most complete cereals with a high content of fibre and protein . This product contains more protein and more fibre than the standard product , which is healthier for our organism, as well as being lactose and sugar free.

Pancake Diet Bio: Very similar to those previously mentioned, with the particularity of having been sweetened with stevia , which is the healthiest natural sweetener that exists, 15 grams of carbohydrates from oats, and these products and foods are produced organically. in its composition.

Benefits of eating breakfast with Pancake Diet

As we mentioned before, Pancake Diet products are perfect to maintain a balanced diet as well as to be the perfect complement in our diets, being very beneficial for our organism , proteins and carbohydrates , guaranteeing us to be free of sugars and fats that can harm us.Pancake Diet products are very beneficial in terms of preserving our muscle mass , while satiating our appetite without fear of gaining weight.

While the absence of lactose and sugars allows Pancake Diet products to be consumed by people who may suffer from diabetes or lactose intolerance, as well as having a wide range of flavours that can satisfy the needs as well as the tastes of all individuals.

Pancake Diet products are aimed at all those sportsmen and women, athletes, or people of any kind who are looking to take care of their bodies as well as to lead a healthy lifestyle. It should be noted that among the flavours that we can find are: (tixagag_16) White chocolate, hazelnut cream, double chocolate, vanilla ice cream and lemon cheesecake .

Can I eat it if I am lactose intolerant?

Of course, this product has been produced without the use of lactose and can be consumed by people who may suffer from lactose intolerance.

Does it contain any GMOs (genetically modified organisms)?

No, Pancake Diet products are free of these kinds of substances and components as well as fats, sugars and grease.

When is it advisable to consume them and in what quantity?

Pancake Diet products are perfect to consume and enjoy with our breakfast or snack , in any case, everyone is free to choose when to consume them, although the recommendation is for breakfasts or snacks , in terms of quantity, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations, in this case the recommended ration consists of a preparation model that consists of mixing a scoop of 35 grams of the product together with a bowl of 50ml of water to be mixed and shaken in a shaker for 5 seconds and then poured into the frying pan to cook our delicious pancakes.

Can it be used as a substitute food in our diet?

No , these products should be consumed as a complement , not as a substitute for food, they are not made like other products that can be a substitute for a diet or for the food we usually eat, they should be used as a complement in our diet, allowing us to taste these pancakes that become so prohibitive when they are industrial products or destined for mass consumption.

Can they be consumed by children or minors?

No , this product is intended for consumption by adults , is not recommended for consumption by children , as it may have detrimental effects on their development as well as stomach problems.

Where should the product be stored once opened?

It should always be stored in a cool and dry environment, so that it can be kept in good conditions.

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