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The choice of egg white is not random, but is backed by the enormous nutritional benefits offered by the protein present in this type of food . In other words, Pr-Ou combines an ingredient with enormous possibilities with a very thorough specialisation work, and the result is tremendously positive.

Egg white: a prodigy for athletes

Following the logic, since Pr-Ou focuses its entire catalogue on egg white protein, it is necessary to detail some of the main characteristics of this nutrient to begin to understand why we are talking about such a special company.

Egg white is one of the most suitable foods in terms of sports performance, mainly for one reason: it is rich in protein. However, there are some clarifications to be made, because there are many, many ingredients with high protein concentrations. A very useful way to understand what differentiates egg white from the rest is to compare it to egg yolk.

Egg proteins are distributed, more or less, in a 60%-40% ratio (egg white-yolk), so there is not much advantage of one over the other. But if we look at the rest of the composition, we can see that the yolk proteins are accompanied by fats, among other elements. Here's the key: egg white is one of the few ingredients that, in its natural state, provides protein without the presence of fatty acids. A real marvel for sports diets of all kinds, where protein is the number one ally and fat is the biggest enemy.

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We could end the explanation here and no one would doubt that egg white is an ideal food for any athlete. However, the quality of the proteins it provides is worth mentioning, because it is very high. The type of protein most present in egg white is called "albumin", and is the variety with the highest biological value; this means that its composition contains the 8 essential amino acids and the 2 semi-essential amino acids. In this way, it provides the organism with a series of substances that act directly on the muscular system, improving its functioning at all levels.

Pr-Ou products for all tastes

Given the enormous nutritional benefits of Pr-Ou, it is time to take a look at their catalogue, because more than 10 years in the business have helped them to configure a very, very wide range of possibilities.

It is possible that, when we are told that there is a brand that focuses its production on egg whites, the first thing that comes to mind is a monotonous, boring company. Nothing could be further from the truth, because Pr-Ou has managed to combine the enormous benefits of this type of protein with flavours and formats of all kinds.

From pancake mixes to chocolate wafer biscuits, oatmeal, cocoa-hazelnut spread and smoothies. The variety available is astonishing, especially since one non-negotiable condition is always maintained: the items offered must have an ideal composition for sports and healthy nutrition diets, avoiding harmful elements such as fats or additives as much as possible. 

Buy Pr-Ou flans

We have left unmentioned the jewel in Pr-Ou's crown, because it deserves to be mentioned separately: the flans and custards.

Flan is one of the most famous egg recipes in our gastronomic culture, and many people love its flavour and light texture. Obviously, Pr-Ou could not forget this much-loved dessert, so it offers a whole range of protein flans with different flavours.

Double chocolate, vanilla, caramel, chocolate with orange... the classic flavours are mixed with other much more original ones, making up a variety that will delight even the sweetest sportsmen and women. In addition, the catalogue is completed with yoghurt pots, crème brûlée, pudding and a long etcetera . No more giving up your favourite sweets to maintain a healthy diet.

Where to buy Pr-Ou tubs?

With NutriMarket is very easy to buy Pr-Ou pots, as well as any other product of the brand. You can find it in any of our physical shops and, for more convenience, on our website.

Order it from the sofa of your home and enjoy the benefits of a company as special as this one.

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