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What is Rapunzel?

Rapunzel is a company that was born in Germany, around 1974 , long before the boom in organic products exploded, is today one of the market leaders in the production and marketing of organic, ecological and vegetarian foodstuffs .

Rapunzel has a huge variety of products and food ranging from sweet and savoury products, nuts, cereals, pulses, muesli, legumes, cereals, oils and many more products , providing us with a wide variety of 100% ecological and healthy products to introduce in our diet.

This company stands out for the maximum quality of its products as well as their biological quality, as well as fair trade in which the exploitation of the production is carried out on the basis of decent conditions where quality and good workmanship .

Rapunzel is an environmentally , organic products made with excellent quality.

Hand in hand

One feature that characterises Rapunzel is the implementation of its hand in hand programme, which means hand in hand , this programme is targeted at farmer cooperatives, agricultural companies and processing companies with employees. Hand in Hand focuses on the quality of the cooperation of producers in the Global South and the quality of the products grown in

The Rapunzel Hand in Hand programme guarantees that products are produced in an environmentally way and that direct contact between the companies is maintained, fair trade that values the work of all the links in the chain, in addition to guaranteeing a product 100% ecological and organic free of products that are harmful to our bodies, as well as the quality processes that the products and food that are grown and produced go through.

All products included in this programme have a seal identifying them, informing the consumer , , thus providing the consumer with guarantees of consuming a quality product and of the properties that differentiate it from the rest.

This programme has its raison d'être in supporting farmers , as well as environmental protection being 100% organic and biological , through fair trade where everyone is respected and valued. Fair trade in Rapunzel always means fair for people and fair for nature . That is why we are not only organic pioneers but also pioneers in products that are produced fairly and organically from scratch .

Benefits of consuming Rapunzel's products

Rapunzel's products are produced in an environmentally environmentally friendly way, as is the production of the best possible quality food, being therefore a reference brand and therefore recommendable .

Rapunzel has more than 400 different products and can therefore appeal to the vast majority of people, whether vegans, ecologists, healthy food free products. that may be harmful to health and meet its needs.

By consuming these foods we ensure that we are taking care of our bodies as well as promoting fair trade, many of Rapunzel's products are included in the Hand In Hand programme, and are more appreciative of the conditions in which the product has been produced and the raison d'être of the programme.

How can I tell if it is a Hand In Hand product?

You can check if the product is included in the programme if includes a seal identifying the product.

What does the Hand in Hand programme mean?

It is a programme that focuses on the cooperation of companies, partners as well as the company's partners, guaranteeing quality control of the food and products as well as the raw materials used,

Do you have food and products for vegans?

Yes , the great majority of our products can be consumed by vegetarian or vegan people, besides being ecological in the elaboration of our products.

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