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Slendier is a complete range of konjac-based foods, born out of the need to enjoy new ways of eating and nourishing oneself, while being healthy and low in calories.

What is Slendier?

Slendier has different lines: the most popular being Konjac, but due to the great popularity it has other lines such as ready-made dishes, bean paste or healthy and organic sauces.

Whether you're a healthy eater, celiac, vegan or vegetarian, or just trying to make better food choices, Slendier makes it easy to eat healthy and tasty. 

What makes Slendier different?

All Slendier products are characterised by helping you in your daily diet, so that your body has the necessary nutrients and you are able to meet your goals.

All Slendier products have a low carbohydrate content: they are low-calorie, i.e. they are very low in calories , which contributes to a calorie deficit. They are also low in fat and sugar.

Konjac is an important source of fibre: it has a high dietary fibre content that improves intestinal transit and helps keep you satiated. 

They are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Slendier: the quality of your food

The basis of Slendier's food is konjac. Konjac comes from the fibre of a tuber that originated in Asia and is characterised by the fact that it is calorie-free, helps to increase satiety and has a taste that is easy to combine with your favourite foods and flavours. 

We offer konjac paste in neutral flavour, so that you can choose which foods, spices or flavours to combine it with, as well as already combined with flavours, for example, with Italian sauce flavour with olives. 

Why choose Slendier?

Slendier contributes to improve your diet by offering you tasty and healthy alternatives. It is ideal for people who, due to lack of time, want to enjoy ready-made alternatives, people in a calorie deficit who are aiming to lose fat and are looking for low-calorie prescriptions and foods, as well as those who want to increase their satiety levels by including konjac paste. 

You can enjoy the properties of konjac in different formats, as Slendier has been in charge of preparing it, as if it were traditional pasta, so that you won't miss any of them: spaghetti, rice, tagliatelle, lasagna sheets, etc.

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