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What is Vitadulce?

Vitadulce is a company specialised in the production and marketing of fitness syrups, these are ideal for taking care of our line. Vitadulce syrups are made without the presence of fats and sugars and are suitable for people who may suffer diabetes or are celiac .

These syrups are the ideal complement to consume with our desserts or favourite foods giving us that sweet and tasty touch to our diet. Vitadulce is a company that has been making its place in the healthy food market and over time has become a benchmark company in this sector, as well as having a huge variety of flavours and the great benefits they bring to our health, allowing us to enjoy and delight our palate without having to break our diets or regimes.

It should be noted that Vitadulce syrups are free of fats and sugars, are also made without the presence of milk and egg , can be consumed by people who may suffer from lactose intolerance .


Benefits of consuming Vitadulce's syrups

The consumption of industrial and traditional syrups , has effects that are often harmful to our health , large quantities of sugar, fats and preservatives added that can lead us to suffer pathologies such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems and the most common is to gain weight, that is why the consumption of Vitadulce syrups are very beneficial for our organism and constitute the perfect substitute for those industrial syrups so harmful at the same time that they are so consumed.

Vitadulce syrups are ideal to take care of our diet as well as to maintain our diets day by day These syrups contain a large amount of fibre and carbohydrates without the presence of fats and sugars providing our organism with a large amount of nutrients and can be used as a complement to our lunches, dinners and desserts ensuring that we follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Besides the great quantity of flavours that we can find in this class of syrups is very wide, being able to be the perfect complement that takes us out of the routine of our diets, being able to be the perfect condiment of great variety of dishes.

Our best ally in desserts and ice creams

Although the consumption of this kind of syrup is currently on the rise , as over time its advantages and benefits have been proven in numerous studies by nutritionists and in the results of people who have opted to follow a healthy diet. Currently there are also numerous brands that have opted to follow a similar line to the one taken by Vitadulce, offering us in the market healthier products oriented to take care of our health , as well as fitness products, it is therefore a matter of time that all these brands move to healthy eating or fitness although it is also true that there is always a significant amount of people who will not change those habits that are often counterproductive and harmful to our health.

Vitadulce syrups are ideal to be consumed in our desserts and dinners our ice creams and pastries , without having to break with a healthy diet that leads us to gain weight.

What are Vitadulce syrups?

They are syrups and sweet toppings , which are the perfect complement to consume with our dishes and desserts, currently we can find 6 different flavours , these are; Mango, Strawberry, Dulce de leche, Chocolate, White Chocolate and Caramel , guaranteeing to suit any need as well as any palate.

Why is it better to consume Vitadulce syrups and not others?

Vitadulce syrups are made without fat and sugars, being much healthier than industrial syrups , and can be consumed without the risk of damaging our health, as well as to respect our diets and avoid gaining weight , besides Vitadulce syrups has a high content of carbohydrates and fibre ,

Can they be consumed by people suffering from diabetes or celiac disease?

Of course , our syrups are , allowing these products to be enjoyed by people from all walks of life , However, it is recommended that you consult your nutritionist and doctor and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Are Vitadulce syrups light?

Of course , Vitadulce syrups contain a 50% reduction in calories compared to other leading brands in the sector.

How long can Vitadulce syrups remain open?

However, once opened, should be kept in the refrigerator for a maximum period of 1 month .


What sweetener does Vitadulce syrups contain?

Vitadulce syrups are made with steviol , this is a derived from stevia and sucralose , giving us that sweet touch without the need of having to contain sugar.

Can I consume Vitadulce syrups if I am lactose intolerant?

Of course , Vitadulce syrups are made without the presence of milk or eggs or any derivative of them , being safe to consume by people who may suffer from this kind of affectation.

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