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MuscleCore Re-Core Concentrate is a state-of-the-art supplement developed by Large Life Laboratories in collaboration with Amix's team of professional athletes.



Re-Core® Concentrate

MuscleCore® Re-Core® Concentrate is a state-of-the-art supplement developed by Large Life laboratories in collaboration with Amix's team of professional athletes. MuscleCore® Re-Core® is a highly effective muscle recuperator due to its unique composition.

MuscleCore® Re-Core® contains a large amount of pharmaceutical-grade glutamine, a non-essential amino acid that is synthesised by the body from other amino acids. It is considered one of the most important amino acids as it reduces catabolism, shortens recovery time and stimulates the production of growth hormone.

MuscleCore® Re-Core® also contains branched-chain amino acids which account for 40% of the amount needed in the human body, are involved in the metabolism of many organs by supplying nitrogen to the cells, stimulate protein synthesis and significantly improve the absorption of nutrients.

MuscleCore® Re-Core® also provides us with essential amino acids from Glanbia CFM® whey protein isolate which are of vital importance for building lean muscle mass as this patent is considered one of the best in the world. MuscleCore® Re-Core® contains Betalanin, a patented compound that delays the onset of fatigue, inhibits the effect of free radicals and protects DNA against possible mutations or damage. It also contains Citrulline which regenerates ATP stores and helps to eliminate the lactic acid produced by intense training, significantly reducing the appearance of the dreaded stiffness. MuscleCore® Re-Core® is an excellent supplement with a recovery effect formulated with patented raw materials that allows us to recover muscle fibres after intense workouts, which favours the increase of muscle mass.

MuscleCore® Re-Core® has an excellent taste and dissolution with four flavours that will delight the most demanding sportsmen and women.


  • Maximum muscle recoveryReduces catabolism
  • Maximum bioavailabilityContains BCAA amino acids 8 : 1 : 1
  • Shortens recovery time
  • Made with patented raw materials
  • Excellent taste and dissolution

How to use: Mix 1 scoop (24.5g) with 200-300ml of water and drink immediately after exercise. To change the taste and sweetness of the drink, change the amount of water used for preparation. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!


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