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AMIX VITARGO+KRE-ALKALYN is a unique combination of VITARGO carbohydrate of the highest quality and Kre-alkalyn creatine of the highest effectiveness.

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Components of Amix Vitargo+Kre-Alkalyn:

VITARGO with KRE-ALKALYN is a unique combination of the two most important components in its field. Both are patented: VITARGO carbohydrate of the highest quality and Kre-alkalyn creatine of the highest effectiveness. 

This unique combination offers the effectiveness of VITARGO, which is the only patented carbohydrate formulated for elite athletes to provide the necessary load of muscle energy (glycogen).

Vitargo is the carbohydrate that has a much larger molecular structure than conventional carbohydrates used in sports, which is why it passes more quickly through the stomach and into the bloodstream after intestinal transit.  

Various studies carried out with Vitargo have shown that its consumption increases muscle strength, maintaining a high rate of training without falling.

AMIX VITARGO also incorporates Kre-Alkalyn, a latest generation creatine that has a higher PH than creatine monohydrate. It has a slower absorption and conversion period and therefore its effects are longer.

Kre-Alkalyn remains stable in the body until it is completely absorbed by the muscle cells. The effects are increased maximal strength, improved explosive strength, increased muscle growth, increased muscle engorgement and excellent muscle recovery after intense training.  

What is Amix Vitargo + Kre-alkalyn 2000g for?

AMIX VITARGO + KRE-ALKALYN is an excellent supplement for sportsmen and women who are looking for a notable improvement in their physical capacity and a significant increase in muscle mass.

Directions for use:

1 gram per kilo of body mass dissolved in 400 ml of water,

Presentation vitargo+krealkayn by Amix: AMIX VITARGO + KRE-ALKALYN is presented in 2000g jars.

Flavours: orange and lemon

juice or your favourite drink twice a day.

Nutritional facts


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