Biocop Muesli Krunchy Amaranth 375g

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Biocop Muesli Krunchy Amaranto 375g is the perfect breakfast for athletes. Muesli made with amaranth and spelt, two of the best cereals in terms of protein content that also provide slow absorption carbohydrates. Organic product.


Composition of Biocop Muesli Krunchy Amaranth 375g

This product contains whole grain spelt flakes (49%), agave syrup, deodorised sunflower oil, crispy rice (rice, malted barley, sea salt), amaranth (5%), apple syrup (4%), coconut, cashews (4%), almonds (4%).

What is it for?

Biocop Muesli Krunchy Amaranth 375g is one of the ideal choices for breakfasts or snacks for the most sporty people. It is a crunchy muesli whose composition has been specifically designed to adapt to the main needs of a sporting life.

Spelt and amaranth are the two most popular names, as they are two of the most interesting cereals in nutritional terms. Both are at the top of the category of cereals with the highest protein content, but amaranth also provides all the essential amino acids.

The energy factor is what makes Biocop Muesli Krunchy Amaranth 375g perfect for breakfasts and snacks. Thanks to its richness in slow-absorption carbohydrates, this product provides a sustained boost of vitality over time, ideal for facing the day with all the energy possible.

To ensure that all these benefits are accompanied by great taste, Biocop Muesli Krunchy Amaranto 375g contains agave syrup, apple syrup, coconut, cashews and almonds. Together, they make a crunchy, delicious muesli with great nutritional benefits. In addition, it is an ecological product, which contributes to responsible consumption and respect for the environment.

Benefits of Biocop Muesli Krunchy Amaranth Muesli 375g

  • Ideal for breakfast and snacks for athletes.
  • Rich in proteins with high biological value. Contains all essential amino acids.
  • With slowly absorbed carbohydrates.
  • Provides a sustained energy boost over time.
  • Delicious taste, with apple syrup, coconut, cashew nuts and almonds.
  • All ingredients are organically grown.
  • Product for responsible consumption.

Nutritional facts


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