Multigrain Rice Pancakes Biocop 200 G

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Biocop Multicereal Rice Pancakes 200g is the perfect snack to kill your appetite between meals in a healthy and nutritious way. These pancakes combine brown rice, millet, maize and buckwheat, all from organic sources, to provide a potent 80.5% carbohydrates for a valuable energy boost.

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Composition of Biocop Multicereal Rice Pancakes 200g

This product is composed of brown rice* (92.3%), millet* (2.5%), maize* (2.5%), buckwheat* (2.5%), sea salt.

*From organic farming.

What is it for?

Rice pancakes have become one of the perfect allies for all those people who find it difficult to stick to their diet, especially in those moments between meals when a very dangerous appetite appears.

The composition of Biocop Multicereal Rice Pancakes 200g is specifically designed for this type of situation, with a combination of very light ingredients that can be eaten without fear of breaking the rules of your diet. Moreover, thanks to developments in nutrition, it is now possible to make such products taste delicious.

The combination of cereals offered in the Biocop 200g Multigrain Rice Pancakes has been specially designed so that, together, millet, maize and buckwheat offer nutritional qualities that complement each other and are as complete as possible. The result is a product with an astonishing 80.5% carbohydrates, of which only 1% are sugars.

Biocop Multicereal Rice Pancakes 200g provides the energy boost characteristic of carbohydrates, but without the problem of excess sugars. This makes them an ideal snack for all those times when you need an extra boost of vitality.

Carry them with you at all times and you will avoid the temptation to eat other, more harmful foods. In addition, they are rich in fibre and provide a feeling of satiety that is very useful in all kinds of diets.

Biocop Multicereal Rice Pancakes 200g are made with ingredients from organic farming, so you will take care of the environment while you take care of yourself.

Benefits of Biocop Multicereal Rice Pancakes 200g

  • Organic rice pancakes with millet, corn and buckwheat.
  • Combination of cereals with very complete nutritional properties.
  • With an amazing 80.5% carbohydrates.
  • Ideal to provide extra energy and vitality.
  • Perfect to eat at any time.
  • Rich in fibre.
  • Responsible consumption product.

Nutritional facts


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