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Nutrimarket Bio Spirulina 100 G

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NutriMarket Bio Spirulina is one of the most valuable natural and organic products for athletes. It contains more than 57% protein, iron, calcium, vitamin C, E and B6, among other nutrients.

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The best thing about the NutriMarket Bio catalogue is the possibility of coming across ingredients you've never heard of before, with surprisingly beneficial natural properties for your nutritional goals. Undoubtedly, spirulina can be one of them, as it is a seaweed with a very valuable combination of nutrients.

NutriMarket Bio Spirulina is a food supplement with a tremendously beneficial protein content for any athlete: it provides more than 57% of proteins rich in essential amino acids, so called because the body cannot synthesize them by itself, so its external intake is necessary.

Protection, nutrition and muscle recovery will be enhanced with this product. On the one hand, proteins prevent catabolism from deteriorating muscle tissue; in terms of nutrition, a protein intake increases the fuel with which muscles improve their performance; finally, amino acids regenerate and repair muscle fibres to shorten recovery times.

The composition of NutriMarket Bio Spirulina also contains vitamin C, iron, calcium, vitamin K and vitamin E, among other beneficial nutrients.

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