Rustic Soft Spelt Bread Biocop 350 G

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Biocop Spelt Soft Rustic Bread 350g is a delicious soft loaf type bread, ideal to accompany any meal or to prepare sandwiches and toasts. Its composition is healthy and its ingredients come from organic farming.

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Composition of Soft Rustic Spelt Bread Biocop 350g

This product consists of spelt flour* (62%), water, sunflower seed oil* (4.3%), brewer's yeast, salt, rice syrup and malted barley*. Treated with ethyl alcohol*.

*From organic farming.

What is it for?

Biocop Spelt Soft Rustic Bread 350g is the perfect alternative to classic bread, a basic product whose composition is becoming less and less healthy. The industrialisation of food has made our eating habits much worse, and companies like Biocop are convinced that they are fighting to change this reality.

Biocop Soft Rustic Spelt Bread 350g is a delicious soft loaf-type bread, sliced and ready to serve. It can be used as the typical table bread, being the ideal complement for all kinds of dishes. In addition, its format is perfect for making sandwiches or toast.

Thanks to the fact that it is mainly made from organic spelt flour, this bread provides a dose of energy that can be of great help to sportsmen and women or simply to maintain high levels of vitality. Biocop Spelt Soft Rustic Bread 350g also provides a remarkable 9.4% protein and is rich in fibre.

The presence of organic sunflower seed oil makes this bread stay tender for much longer, giving it a very beneficial shelf life.

With Biocop Spelt Soft Rustic Bread 350g you can forget about having to do without bread to accompany your favourite dishes. In addition, you will be contributing to the construction of sustainable and environmentally friendly consumption habits.

Benefits of Biocop Soft Rustic Spelt Bread 350g

  • Delicious organic loaf bread.
  • Very tender thanks to sunflower seed oil.
  • Rich in carbohydrates. Provides energy.
  • 9.4% protein and rich in fibre.
  • Ideal to accompany all kinds of dishes or to make sandwiches and toasts.
  • Responsible consumption product.

Nutritional facts


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