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Biotech Usa Brutal Muscle On 908 G.

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These beef proteins BIOTECH BRUTAL MUSCLE ON 908 g are the best beef protein concentrate of the Biotech brand, easy to digest. 



What is Biotech Brutal Muscle On 908 G?

Biotech Brutal Muscle On is a concentrated protein supplement extracted from beef, which has been optimised for easy digestion.

This Biotech Brutal Muscle On supplement is ideal not only for your body to obtain the necessary amount of protein per day, to achieve the construction and maintenance of muscle mass, but also provides a type of protein of optimum quality to improve this process.

The blend obtained in Brutal Muscle On has been made with the best sources of beef protein available. Beef is a very good source of protein, although it is expensive economically and difficult to digest if consumed in large quantities. With this supplement it is possible to get concentrated protein from beef, but easily digestible and more affordable. 

Benefits of Biotech Brutal Muscle On 908 G

  • High quality protein concentrate. 
  • Affordable source of beef protein.
  • Easily digestible due to subjected processes.
  • Delicious assorted flavours. 

How to take:

Mix 30g of product with water and consume preferably shortly after training.

Nutritional facts


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