Max Protein Wtf Verygood Protein Cream 250g

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Max Protein Verygood Protein Cream is a white chocolate cream with a high protein content and a delicious chocolate protein with an irresistible taste and creamy, toasted hazelnut texture.



What is Max Protein WTF Verygood Protein Cream?

It is a high-protein cream. It has a high protein content of 17.8% and is sugar free. 

Its delicious taste has been achieved thanks to the use of sweetener, which makes Max Protein WTF Very Good a healthy fitness alternative. It is the nutritious option to traditional creams full of sugars.

Add Very Good Protein Cream to your breakfast, snack or dessert topping. It is the healthy cream option that best suits the needs of athletes and people who want to take care of their diet. 

Very Good Protein Cream has a delicious intense flavour with a creamy texture that is easy to spread and add to your dishes and recipes, while adding extra protein.

What are "WTF" creams?

  • WTF is the new family of spreadable creams designed by Max Protein, Very Good Portein Cream is the first of the creams to be part of it.
  • WTF refers to the expression "What the fudge?"
  • All creams are high in protein, low in sugar, only naturally present and palm oil free.

Characteristics of WTF Very Good Protein Cream

  • It is made from a combination of natural hazelnuts and sweetener.
  • It has a high protein content of 17.8 %. Milk protein concentrate has been added. 
  • Its protein source is of high biological value. Contains all amino acids.
  • Protein is the macronutrient that contributes to the recovery and gain of muscle mass.
  • It has been made with natural hazelnuts. 
  • This nut is an excellent source of healthy fats and provides a high level of satiety.
  • It does not contain added sugar or palm oil.

Instructions for use

Spread 20 grams of product on pancakes, biscuits or other foods. Can also be diluted in coffee or milk. 

Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

Nutritional facts


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