Vit.O.Best Night Protein 100% 2 Lbs.

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VIT.O.BEST NIGHT PROTEIN 100% 2 LBS. The night time protein designed to prevent catabolism in the body while you sleep. VIT.O.BEST NIGHT PROTEIN 100% contains whey with micellar casein and Kiowa Glutamine.



What is VIT.O.BEST NIGHT PROTEIN 100% 2 LBS. used for?

VIT.O.BEST NIGHT PROTEIN 100% 2 LBS. is the so-called VIT.O.BEST night protein. It is a so-called slow release protein, created so that its absorption by the organism is slow so that the muscle receives nourishment in a sustained and prolonged manner.

Components of VIT.O.BEST NIGHT PROTEIN 100% 2 LBS

VIT.O.BEST NIGHT PROTEIN 100% is produced with a mixture of 2 types of proteins for continuous absorption; several types of milk proteins of faster absorption with micellar casein which is a type of protein that the body can take up to 8 hours to process which also helps to keep us satiated and without hunger throughout the night.

VIT.O.BEST has also added L-Glutamine from the KYOWA brand, a top quality seal of approval, to prevent catabolism during the night and ensure that all the muscles receive nutrients during your rest.

Presentation of VIT.O.BEST NIGHT PROTEIN 100%

Pack of 2 lbs. (908 grams).

Vanilla and chocolate flavours

vitobest night protein

Nutritional facts


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