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Beverly Advanced Whey 920g

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Beverly Advanced Whey 1KG provides the perfect balance between protein and carbohydrates. Advanced Whey helps in weight loss, rich in amino acids. Regulates the immune system.



ADVANCED WHEY PERFECT BALANCE the ultimate Whey Protein Isolate. Advanced Whey Perfect Balance is an exclusive protein with an ideal balance between protein 65% and carbohydrates. Whey Protein Isolate is known as the Protein with the highest Biological value and highest Bioavailability in the market. Advanced Whey provides the perfect balance between protein and carbohydrates for maximum muscle growth and strength.

Advanced Whey Perfect Balance

It is a natural product, with maximum nutritional quality and easy absorption by the body, since it is obtained from the perfect proteins to obtain them. Among some of its most important properties are the following:

Properties of Advanced Whey from Beverly Nutrition:

It provides the perfect balance between carbohydrates and proteins, to contribute to maximum muscle growth. In addition to providing you with much more strength. By taking it your immune system is balanced and helps protect the body against serious diseases.

It is perfect for weight loss, allowing you to achieve your goals in a healthy way.

Bervely Nutrition's Advanced Whey protein is a rich source of amino acids, and has a higher biological value than any other protein. This makes it ideal for transforming and shaping your body during sports activities.

Directions: Dilute a scoop of 50 grams of product in 250 ml of milk or water and take it after training.


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