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Specific products to increase cell volume , based mainly on Creatine as one of the main ingredients, and other enhancers of its assimilation.

What are volumisers?

volumisers are a sports supplement that combines a series of active ingredients focused on increasing the volume of the muscle cell.

They do not increase the percentage of muscle mass directly, the muscle volume also has to take into account the liquid and fat. The absorption capacity of the muscle fibres increases so that substances such as glycogen and amino acids will increase in concentration. This type of supplementation has the effect of increasing energy reserves in order to delay fatigue and to be able to train for a longer period of time, or intensity, as well as the recovery of muscle fibres after training.

It contains different ingredients in its composition, depending on the type of product, brand or format. The main ingredients are creatine, glutamine and vasodilators.

What are the benefits of a volumiser?

  • It contributes to the increase of volume and muscle mass.
  • Reduces muscle recovery time after training. 
  • Improve sports performance.
  • Help to naturally increase the production of growth hormone.

How do they work? 

This type of supplement works by improving the inflow of fluids from the extracellular tissue to the interior of the muscle fibre, thus increasing the volume of the muscles and increasing the glycogen reserve. 

It also helps to increase the amount of nutrients, so that the muscle also has a higher concentration of amino acids, essential for repairing and maintaining muscle tissue.

When to take a volumiser? 

It is recommended to take between 25-45 minutes before activity. It will help to improve the training and post put the onset of fatigue.

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