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Biotech Usa Carbox 500g

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BIOTEC USA CARBOX 500G. Contains a blend of 5 different carbohydrates with various absorption rates for prolonged energy.


What is Biotech USA CARBOX 500g?

BIOTEC USA CARBOX 500G. is a blend of 5 different carbohydrates (Dextrose, Maltrodestine, Fructose, Ribose and Vitargo), each with various absorption rates for prolonged energy.

Biotech CarboX contains Biotech USA's patented Multi-Interval CarboX formula, a complex and highly advanced carbohydrate formula developed to provide pre-workout energy (for excellent performance) and to increase post-workout energy.

It also functions as a creatine catalyst.

Biotech CarboX has been designed with carbohydrates of five different absorption levels: slow, normal and fast to release energy over a period of time.

In addition, it contains Vitargo, a patented high molecular weight, ultra-fast-acting, easy-to-digest agent that passes through the stomach 80% faster and replenishes muscle glycogen levels 70% faster than other forms of carbohydrate.

What is Biotech CarboX 500g for?

Raise your Glycogen and Insulin levels.

CarboX loads your glycogen stores and boosts insulin production levels for complete anti-catabolic/anabolic action.

Creates an ideal environment for extreme muscle growth.

Creatine Catalyst.

This ultimate energy reactor multiplies the effectiveness of any other creatine supplementation you are taking.

In fact, if you use CarboX with creatine, it functions as a multi-interval creatine transport agent that helps this nutrient reach muscle cells directly. 

Key benefits of BioTech USA CarboX:

  •     It includes time-release carbohydrates and Multi-Interval CarboX.
  •     It has been fortified with Vitargo.
  •     Acts as a creatine catalyst.
  •     Provides glycogen.
  •     Supports insulin action.
  •     Does not contain any flavour.
  •     Does not contain aspartame or artificial colours.

Presentation of CarboX Bitoech Usa:

bag with 500 grams.


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