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The clothing is a key element when going to the gym with comfort . In addition, a bad choice can cause any physical exercise to cause great discomfort, either because the fabric damages our skin, because freedom of movement is reduced, or for any other reason. In this sense, the T-shirt takes on a very high importance, since sports activities carried out with the arms and torso account for a very high proportion of the total tasks performed in a gym.

That is why in Nutrimarket we offer a wide selection of t-shirts , so that comfort is the least of your worries and you can focus, simply, on improving physically.

The importance of fabric

Preferences in everything to do with clothing is one of the most varied things there is, and sports apparel is no exception. In fact, it is possible that in that case the differences are more important, because it is not only about aesthetic taste , but other aspects come into play that can have more weight when choosing between the infinite number of options that exist in the market.

On the one hand, there is the issue of the fabric with which the garment is made. It must be taken into account that, in any physical activity, the friction between the T-shirt and the skin is intense and constant; therefore, any type of allergic reaction or simply the body's sensitivity to a particular material can create discomfort , chafing and even wounds . Obviously, this is nothing serious, but training while our skin suffers is a very unpleasant experience, which will lower our performance and, probably, our motivation.

Along the same lines, perspiration appears as another possible problem that needs to be solved. Sweating levels vary greatly from person to person, as does the body's behaviour in response to sweat. In some cases, without a garment that transpires effectively, the skin can be adversely affected.

The T-shirt as another element of exercise

The other factor that can make the gym T-shirts an ally or a great enemy is the format or model chosen. That is, the type of sleeve -if it has one-, the level of fit, the length, the width of the neck, and so on. As mentioned above, a large part of the activities performed in the gym necessarily involve arm and torso movements.

A very typical example, to make it easy to understand, is weightlifting with dumbbells; something that is frequently practised and that does not seem to have much difficulty until you cross the path of sleeves that do not allow you to flex your arm comfortably. At that point, it becomes very clear that, without a suitable garment, any small movement can be a discomfort .

For all these reasons, it seems obvious that gym shirts are another part of the training that must be taken into account. In Nutrimarket we are clear about it, so we have decided to put at your disposal our catalogue, where you will find a wide range of models so you can choose yours. Go ahead!


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