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protein is undoubtedly one of the key elements in the world of sports nutrition. It is a macronutrient whose properties are an essential aid for the muscles , which are the most influential tissues when performing any type of physical activity. For this reason, many of the products and technical innovations that are emerging have protein as their base, and advances have reached a very high point of perfection. In Nutrimarket we want you to be up to date, so we offer you the chance to try the benefits of whey isolate , one of the most innovative protein substances.

The usefulness of protein supplements

Nutritional routines are one of the prerequisites for starting to take sport more seriously. It is true that, as a general rule, it seems that going to the gym with acceptable regularity is the only work required to achieve optimal fitness; however, eating habits are of enormous importance and, if they are not carried out correctly, the benefits of physical work are significantly reduced.

Thus, sports supplements are becoming very popular. Their usefulness is a key factor for many people who, due to their pace of life, cannot always comply with all the meals established in their diet. To cover these deficits, shakes, bars, gels and all kinds of products that provide a protein intake equivalent to that of a plate of food have emerged.

At the beginning, there were few varieties to choose from, but over the years, research has produced a number of very positive results . Formats, textures, flavours, different protein concentrations, supplements such as carbohydrates and many more variants have been introduced into the world of protein supplements, until reaching the wide range of possibilities that we enjoy today. Some of these advances were dedicated exclusively to satisfying the personal tastes of each athlete, such as those related to flavours, but others have meant a real revolution in the sector.

Serum isolate, a true wonder

Probably one of the most striking was the emergence of serum isolate . The whey protein , in itself, was already a very big step forward; it managed to exceed expectations in terms of biological value (amino acid ratio) and digestibility . When it was successfully processed into whey concentrate, it seemed that the peak of perfection had been reached, but then came whey protein isolate , a true wonder of sports nutrition.

Its most important qualities include a protein concentration of between 89% and 93%. In other words, it is a product with practically total purity. This means that almost all of its composition is amino acids , and further benefits derive from this; fat, carbohydrate and lactose levels are drastically reduced in the face of the prominence of protein.

In this way, supplements made from whey isolate are particularly suitable for people with lactose intolerance problems, as well as for anyone who wants to eliminate the discomfort that can be felt with the digestion of some products of this type.

In terms of the properties it can provide to the athlete's organism, it represents a leap in quality in everything that is already known about proteins. To sum up, we can speak of three ways of acting: the first, related to muscle protection , is very useful in diets aimed at weight loss, as it ensures that muscle mass is not reduced; nutrition is the basis of the second pathway, providing the 'fuel' necessary for the muscles to work at maximum rate and also be able to increase their volume; finally, recovery is the third factor, and is improved by the ability of amino acids to regenerate damaged muscle tissue.

With such high purity, whey isolates offer all these benefits elevated to their maximum exponent . Your body can enjoy them without the hassle of fats, carbohydrates or lactose.

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