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There are more and more experts in sports nutrition and supplementation who, with their studies, are achieving advances and adding new elements that can contribute to improving the performance of any athlete. There is a very obvious positive side, and that is that any innovation, as long as it has a solid scientific basis behind it, means an unquestionable improvement; but beyond that, the enormous amount of possible variables when constructing a diet has achieved something exceptional: no athlete, whatever their characteristics, is going to be left without options to have a personalised nutrition routine according to their needs .

In this case it is time to talk about proteins of vegetable origin , a compound that, among many other things, has managed to eliminate most of the problems faced by vegetarians or vegans when it comes to sports diets.

The queen of sports nutrition

protein is, without a doubt, the star component in the sports and athletic nutrition sector. In addition, it is always at the centre of many debates on issues of this type, seeking to get the most out of it and avoid the possible disadvantages that it may entail.

In terms of supplementation, it does not fall from the top positions of the most consumed products, and the protein shakes are the first step that is usually taken to enter, in a more 'professional' way in the world of fitness.

The explanation for all this widespread fame lies in the numerous benefits that this macronutrient brings to the body after being ingested. To summarise its many properties, it can be said that proteins are responsible for building antibodies, hormones and tissues, among other things. In other words, they have a structural function that is vital for the human organism; moreover, our body cannot generate them by itself, but we need their external supply . For this reason, they are classified as 'essential macronutrients'.

More specifically, and narrowing the spectrum down to the sports area, proteins are key to everything to do with muscle tissue regeneration , whether for mass gain or for good post-training recovery. They can also serve an energy function in the event that reserves are depleted and an extra supply is needed.

Vegetable protein as a solution

Traditionally, meat and fish have been used as the main sources of protein, due to the fact that the concentration of this element is much higher in foods of animal origin. However, as explained above, scientific advances are changing things.

Soya, beans, lentils, peanuts, oats, quinoa, walnuts, almonds, sesame and a long etcetera, make up the extensive list of sources of vegetable proteins , whose use is growing thanks to the fact that their benefits are very similar to those of their animal sisters, while reducing the possible harms . According to the World Health Organisation, it is recommended that our diet should contain 75% vegetable proteins as opposed to 25% animal proteins.

Meat and fish are generally accompanied by another element that, in some specific diets, may not be recommended: fats. It is from a problem like this that protein shakes were born, one of the star products of sports supplementation, as it eliminates that harmful part that so many people want to avoid. However, for anyone who wants to maintain a much more natural diet, the solution is right in front of their eyes: vegetable protein.

If a balance is achieved between the different amino acids - protein components - of vegetable origin, the result will be very similar to that which would be achieved with meat and fish, but eliminating the fat which, if it exists, will be unsaturated and beneficial for health.

At Nutrimarket we offer a wide range of options, from the classic rice protein to chocolate cookies rich in vegetable protein, vegan eggs or vanilla ice cream without refined sugars and fats. Needless to say, try it yourself!

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