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Life Pro Heart Care 60 Caps

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Heartcare is a supplement that contributes to the regulation and control of plasma cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It has been formulated with active ingredients that have been shown to be effective in reducing cholesterol levels by different routes.

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What is it for?

Due to the high prevalence of cardiovascular disease today, lifestyle modifications are considered essential, especially in the early stages, in addition to pharmacological treatments. A diet with reduced consumption of saturated fats, elimination of toxic substances such as alcohol and tobacco, regular exercise and normal weight should be a priority.

On the other hand, in the scientific literature there are compounds with a large body of scientific evidence showing benefits against high cholesterol levels. Firstly, among the best-known active ingredients is monacholine k, which is extracted from red yeast rice and acts on the enzymes involved in cholesterol synthesis. Inhibition of these enzymes, on which other compounds such as policosanols also have an effect, allows blood cholesterol to be reduced. However, due to their fermentative nature, there is often concern about the content of a substance known as citrinin, which has harmful effects on the body. Life Pro has taken the utmost care in this regard by choosing a raw material with levels well below those recommended as values to be considered by the food authorities. In addition, because it has been proposed that agents such as monacholine k (or drugs with the same pathway) could increase the risk of myalgia due to coenzyme q10 depletion, this has also been provided in the product at a sufficient dose. On the other hand, the supplementation of monacholine k with policosanols not only seeks to maximise the benefits of its inhibitory effect on cholesterol synthesis, but these policosanols would also improve cholesterol clearance and the state of arterial plaque.

Secondly, berberine, known to be the active ingredient of the plant Berberis Vulgaris, is able to act at the hepatic level on proteins that degrade LDL cholesterol receptors and directly on their expression.

This effect is complemented by a reduction in intestinal cholesterol absorption and an increase in fatty acid oxidation in patients with metabolic disorders, which implies a very comprehensive effect on blood cholesterol.

Finally, curcumin, the main polyphenol in Curcuma Longa, is provided under the Cursol® patent, which uses micellar structures to ensure its bioavailability. Turmeric not only has a direct effect on cholesterol levels, but is also of interest for the control of oxidative stress markers which can be disturbed by metabolic disorders.

For all these reasons, this product made up of active ingredients that have proven effective in humans, is able to reduce cholesterol levels by different routes, in addition to solving the annexe problems that usually appear in this type of supplements.


  • Reduction in LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Beneficial effect on HDL cholesterol.
  • Beware of the limitations that often appear in these products thanks to the choice of quality materials.
  • Action by various routes which have been shown to have a synergistic effect.

What dose to take?

Take 2 capsules during or after a meal. If you are taking any medication, consult a health professional for compatibility.


This product is composed of Turmeric (Cursol ®), Berberine, Red Yeast Rice (standardised in monacholine k), coenzyme q10 and policosanols.

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