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What are rubber bands?

The elastic bands are a complement that has become very popular in recent months, due to the need to be able to perform exercises and complement your workouts at home, adding different resistances and loads.

This alternative or complement to the weights, helps with the objective of stimulating our muscles, both for beginners looking to start working with resistance, as well as those more advanced who want to add an extra difficulty.

Resistance bands, as the name suggests, are different rubber bands, which have been designed in different resistances, and in different shapes, both open and closed, and you can also find different grips depending on the band selected. 

Their great versatility and comfort make the elastic bands the ideal accessory for use both at home and in your training area: they are easy to transport and take up little space.

What are elastic bands for?

Elastic bands have a large number of uses and functions for which they can be used.

  • They have the ability to add intensity to your exercises and workouts in the gym.
  • They are the ideal choice to warm up before training with intensity, and give a pre-stimulus to the muscle.
  • The ease of progressing and adding progressive load to each exercise, regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced exerciser.
  • They allow to make the muscles more flexible , and have a wider range of motion and tension than any free weights.
  • Training at home , in a simple way and without requiring large amounts of material, as they can be adapted to each exercise.
  • They help to strengthen your muscles.

Which elastic bands to buy?

There is a great variety of elastic bands: we can classify them under several criteria: according to the intensity or resistance of each band, if it is open or closed, or if it includes different grips.

The ideal is to have different resistance bands, in order to be able to vary according to the muscle group to be trained and to be able to progressively increase the intensity.

Bandas elásticas

Bands with grips : elastic bands with grips are usually in the shape of a tube and are operated by means of different hooks. There are grips for legs, hands or even to hold the band on the door. 

Circular or closed bands : this type of rubber bands have a circular shape: they can be placed, for example, joining both legs to apply their resistance.

Open bands : allow for added resistance and stretching because it is easier to adapt it for use between feet and hands.

Where to buy elastic bands?

In Nutrimarket you can find a wide variety of elastic bands, ultra-resistant, in all sizes, types, as well as different accessories to store them and grips to complement their use.

How to exercise with elastic bands?

To start exercising with resistance bands, start by choosing the one that suits the muscle group you want to train: each colour refers to the resistance of the band. 

Choosing a band according to our objectives and level when it comes to training is essential. Place it in the desired area and start doing your preferred exercises.

For stretching , it is recommended to choose a lower intensity band.

Some of the wide variety of exercises you can do are:

  • Biceps curl
  • Gluteal kick
  • Lateral and front raises
  • Open and closed rowing
  • Triceps extension

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