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Encore Fitness Lifting Straps

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Straps or "8-shape" grip straps. Recommended for deadlifts. Improve grip strength.

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What are Encore Fitness Lifting Straps?

Encore Fitness Lifting Straps are an accessory similar to straps, with the main difference being that they have an "8-shape". 

The straps are an accessory with the main purpose of optimising strength training, improving grip and providing protection for the wrists.

Encore Fitness Lifting Straps are designed with an ultra-durable and resistant material. The 8-shape straps are primarily used for deadlifts. They help to improve traction, and lift heavier loads in this exercise, promoting greater training volume and intensity. They also help to prevent the bar from slipping, and to optimise stability. 

Encore's new Grip Straps have been designed with the aim of providing greater and safer grip strength for heavy lifting and exercises.

Benefits of Grip Straps:

  • Improved grip strength.
  • Recommended primarily for deadlifts.
  • Help protect wrists.
  • Offer security against high loads.
  • Improved overall training volume and intensity.
  • Increased stability and traction against the bar.

How to use Encore Fitness Lifting Straps?

Insert one wrist through one of the loops, placing the other loop under the bar. Then pass the wrist through the second loop. The strap should be securely fastened before starting the lift.


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