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Sauzero has a line of sauces, especially for savoury dishes, and a line of syrups, designed to be used as an accompaniment to desserts and sweet dishes. A diet or a healthy lifestyle does not have to be synonymous with leaving your favourite flavours behind.

What is Sauzero?

The new line of sauces and syrups has been developed by Life Pro and Indiex. Sauzero is a new line of sauces in its zero-calorie version, which has been elaborated with first quality ingredients, in a wide range of sweet and savoury flavours. Sauzero zero calorie sauces and syrups are sugar free, gluten free and low in calories. 

The zero-calorie sauce revolution:

Sauces and syrups are one of the most widely used complements to accompany our recipes, dishes and food in general. Sauces allow us to add extra flavour, boost the taste of our dishes and break the monotony. As a result of the general growing interest in taking care of our diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the variety of options from which to choose zero-calorie sauces has increased significantly in recent years.

Zero calorie sauces are one of the most innovative and brilliant examples. Sauzero maintains all the flavour and texture of the original sauces, with an improved composition, eliminating fats and sugars. 

Benefits of Sauzero:

The Sauzero line of sauces has been designed with one main objective: to create your favourite sauces, in zero version, including the most classic and innovative flavours, free of sugars and fats, so that they can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to all types of diets. 

Sauzero is an unbeatable option for anyone who wants to improve their habits and diet, as well as reduce the number of calories ingested through conventional sauces. Sauzero helps to break the monotony in diet food. It is suitable for all kinds of goals, from fat loss, to improving habits or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritionally speaking, Sauzero is very low in calories. Per serving, it provides less than 10 kcal. It can be the ideal complement to help us maintain a calorie deficit. They are also very low in carbohydrates, with less than 2 grams per serving. 

Sauzero and its wide variety of sauces: quality, flavour and innovation:

The wide variety of flavours is a key factor. Ketchup, mayonnaise and BBQ sauce used to be the only sauces that could only be found in their zero version in supermarkets and similar establishments. Nowadays, the number of zero sauces has grown into a whole world of possibilities. 

Some of the most outstanding flavours you can find are Sauzero Ketchup Curry; ideal for accompanying dishes such as meat, chicken or potatoes, Sauzero Mexican Flavour with all the essence and mixture of the authentic Mexican flavour, Sauzero Blue Cheese, for dressing salads or accompanying meat or vegetables, with a touch of the characteristic and intense flavour of blue cheese. These are just 3 options of the wide variety that you can find Sauzero in Nutrimarket, without forgetting the variety of syrups, in which you can find options such as chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, pancake among others.

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