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Sauzero Zero Calories Choco Monky 310ml

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The most sought after Chocolate Syrup, Life Pro's most legendary flavour has arrived. Introducing Sauzero Zero Choco Monky 310ml. A real treat for your senses, made with the favourite flavour of many. The most demanded Zero Chocolate Syrup, with a low calorie content, no added sugars and fat free. Enjoy sweetness while taking care of your wellbeing.


Take care of yourself with Life Pro.

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Benefits of Sauzero Zero Choco Monky 310 ml

What makes this syrup so special?

  • Authentic Choco Monky chocolate flavour, one of Life Pro's most distinctive flavours.
  • Smooth, creamy and smooth texture, typical of a classic but healthy chocolate syrup.
  • Reduced sugar, fat and calories while maintaining a sweet taste with healthy sweeteners.
  • Made from healthy sweeteners.
  • Delicious chocolate recipe, with high quality ingredients.

All roads lead to Choco Monky!

Since its launch, the Choco Monky flavour has captivated those who have tried our fit chocolate recipe. Its unique taste, reminiscent of real chocolate, sets it above other syrup flavours.

Now, with Sauzero Zero Choco Monky 310ml, you can enjoy our recipe in this special format, with the authentic taste of classic Choco Monky chocolate in a fitness version. Life Pro's Choco Monky Choco fit Chocolate Syrup is the ultimate recipe to take you back to your childhood, when chocolate was an intense and memorable pleasure.

Experience a perfect consistency, not too runny and not too thick.

Other brands of fit chocolate syrup often neglect the importance of proper consistency, which can affect the consumer experience. At Life Pro, we strive to deliver the perfect syrup, both in taste and texture. Life Pro Low Calorie Chocolate Syrup is part of the Zero series, which offers healthy versions of popular syrups and sweet sauces.

Enjoy the authentic taste of chocolate syrup, but in a healthy version.

With only 52 kcal per 100 grams, this Sauzero Zero Choco Monky 310ml fit chocolate syrup is suitable for a variety of diets looking to reduce daily calorie intake. Whether you are in a period of definition or simply to control your weight, Choco Monky chocolate syrup is a suitable choice.

Pair your homemade protein pancakes, protein waffles, yoghurts and other healthy desserts with Sauzero Zero Choco Monky 310ml to take your experience to the next level.

Storage conditions White Chocolate Syrup

Remember to follow these instructions:

  • Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place.
  • Once opened, refrigerate and consume within one month.
  • Best before the date indicated on the packaging.

Buy Sauzero Zero Choco Monky 310ml fit chocolate syrup and go back to better times while taking care of your health and enjoying the best flavour that chocolate can bring.

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