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Proteins are one of the most important elements - if not the most important - in any sports nutrition plan, whatever the needs, objectives or discipline to which it applies. They effectively cover the structural functions of muscle mass , increasing its volume, providing energy if necessary and helping the recovery of its fibres and tissues. Thanks to scientific advances, you can easily obtain the exact protein intake you need; and in Nutrimarket we offer you one of the best articles to achieve it: whey protein concentrates.

The importance of protein

Following a balanced diet is an absolutely essential condition when taking any type of sport seriously. When the aim is to achieve the best possible fitness, the first step must always be to provide the body with the right components for it to function perfectly.

The professionalisation of nutrition routines focused on physical activity was born from this premise of providing the body with the right components to increase its performance to the maximum . For this reason, proteins form part of the essential nucleus around which the sector revolves and to which a large part of the studies and research are directed; and it is of little use to carry out very complete workouts if you do not allow your muscles to reach an optimal state of health to be able to improve their qualities.

A prodigy of sports nutrition: whey concentrate

When casual or amateur sporting exercise is taken to the next level, products with a very high level of specialisation appear on the scene. One of them is whey protein concentrate , which allows the intake of protein in a concentrated form and with a very precise quantity accuracy.

It is obtained after a processing treatment on whey and its protein proportion will range between a minimum of 55% and a maximum of 89% . The use of this supplement can be directed towards several purposes: in weight loss diets, it helps to maintain muscle mass while reducing other factors such as fat; it is also useful in muscle bulking routines, as it means a supply of high quality protein ; and it is very useful in everything related to the recovery of the muscles, which will take less time to get back in good condition after a workout or any other type of physical activity.

Apart from all this, products containing whey concentrate have the ability to serve as a substitute for some of the daily meals that make up a diet. Its satiating power adds to the utilities already mentioned to make it an essential in almost any sports nutrition plan.

And you still do not know the best: with Nutrimarket you can get this extra protein as you like. Chocolate-flavoured energy bars, cocoa cream with hazelnuts, pancakes, coffee and a long etcetera, as well as the classic shakes. Your only problem will be choosing just one.

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