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What is Biocop?

Founded in 1975, Biocop is one of the pioneers of a movement that is currently experiencing one of its most remarkable growths: organic food . After more than 40 years of experience, the brand has established itself at the forefront of a revolution that aims to improve eating habits whose negative aspects are becoming increasingly evident.

Its products steer as far away as possible from elements that are all too present in our diet, such as saturated fats, salt and added sugars. Instead of these harmful compounds, Biocop focuses its efforts on offering organic food, with natural ingredients from organic farming and fair trade. In other words, every step in the production process is taken care of, so that the impact on nature and our bodies is as small as possible.

Eating habits, a pending subject

Concern about eating routines has been one of the most important concerns in our society for some years now.There are many studies that continually provide scientific evidence indicating the harmfulness of many of the elements used to create food products using assembly line manufacturing techniques. While it is true that this can significantly reduce costs and increase the shelf life of products, the price to pay is too high.

Economic considerations should never take precedence over quality , especially in an industry such as the food industry, where the impact on health is very high. However, the stress and rush of everyday life have been hiding for a long time a reality that is now tangible: canned, pre-cooked and frozen foods, etc. are not a healthy option.

It is true that, for special occasions, they can be a very useful alternative, as they are cheap and take practically no time at all to prepare. But this should not be confused with basing the entire diet on these products.

Biocop and the revolution in the food industry

To put an end to this worrying situation, comes Biocop . In fact, the company goes further, and extends its objectives to a horizon that many people are still unable to see: the abuses of large multinationals on the producers of raw materials, such as farmers.

It is impossible to enumerate the whole list of benefits of this kind of working philosophy, but we can highlight a few that show that this is the way forward. A great example is taste, an attribute that is greatly affected when additives such as preservatives are used. With Biocop you can discover how ingredients really taste in their natural state .

There is also the health aspect to mention, as the company steers as far away as possible from saturated fats, added sugars and salt. Eliminating these elements in favour of natural raw materials results in a very valuable and healthy wellbeing.

Biocop spelt biscuits and Biocop rice cakes , examples from a huge catalogue. <br

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