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What is Tribulus Terestris?

tribulus is a sports supplement that comes from an herb with origins in India and China that aims to increase testosterone and improve sexual health.

Triibulus Terrestris has the ability to increase endogenous testosterone secretion, creating an ideal environment for muscle mass gain and growth. It is considered a natural aphrodisiac and adaptogen because it stimulates libido in both men and women.

The constituents that are part of the structure of tribulus are secondary plant substances called saponins .

Saponins belong to the group of phytochemicals and have a molecular structure very similar to that of steroid hormones in the body, e.g. oestrogens and testosterone.

What is tribulus used for?

  • Muscle mass gain: it promotes the production of testosterone, which is responsible for muscle mass gain and the creation of a suitable anabolic environment.
  • Helps to combat infertility , erectile dysfunction and low libido
  • Contributes to increase and optimise testosterone hormone levels naturally within the body.
  • As an adaptogen, it improves stress, anxiety and mood.
  • It helps to improve rest and sleep.
  • Helps to protect the prostate and urinary system.


When to take tribulus?

We can divide the total dose of tribulus terrestris into several doses throughout the day. It can be taken before main meals, or within 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime. 

How to take tribulus?

The recommended dose of Tribulus Terestris may vary from person to person. The maximum recommended amount is between 3 grams per day. It may vary depending on the percentage of saponins in the chosen supplement.

It is recommended to rest every 6-8 weeks at the most after taking it consistently for 2-3 weeks.

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