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The world of sports nutrition is experiencing enormous qualitative growth, probably as a consequence of the increase in demand for food supplements. As a result, more and more technical advances are emerging, resulting in new products with more and more beneficial properties. A perfect example of this rapid development concerns the most important macronutrient when it comes to sporting activity: protein.

Scientific research has made it possible to offer a wide range of options when choosing a protein supplement. The options range from different flavours to the ability to separate proteins according to the speed at which they are absorbed by the body. This has given rise to products based on slow-release proteins , whose characteristics make them ideal for specific needs.

Protein supplements for every need

Diets are one of the elements that most influence the athlete's physical performance, and their adaptation according to the objectives pursued is absolutely vital in order to achieve them. It is clear that training is the method most directly related to sporting performance, but if eating habits are not good, it is very difficult to reach an optimal state of fitness.This importance of everything that has to do with nutrition has made food supplements a product that has established itself as a complement for athletes who want to take their performance one step further.

, and many of the studies and innovations are based on this macronutrient, which is so essential for sport.

The different protein product alternatives currently on offer mean that anyone can find a solution to their needs that also matches their personal taste. Aspects as superficial as flavour, texture or format are combined with other more structural aspects, which allow us to differentiate the supplements by the protein concentration they contain , the specific benefits they provide or, in this case, how long it takes for their amino acids to be assimilated by our body. The result is a huge choice, where no one will be left without an option that matches their characteristics.

The benefits of slow release proteins

Proteins are made up of amino acids, which are the elements that actually perform all the tasks that have made protein supplements such a valuable aid for athletes. Among them, three should be highlighted: protection, nutrition and recovery . The first of these is to ensure the maintenance of muscle mass, even at times when weight loss diets are being followed. The second, on the other hand, is what provides the 'fuel' necessary for the muscles to work at maximum level; in addition, it facilitates the anabolic states through which the volume of lean mass is increased. Finally, recovery periods are shortened, as amino acids have the ability to regenerate muscle fibres damaged by physical exercise.

Thanks to slow-release protein supplements, all these benefits can be enjoyed with a delayed effect . The applications of this type of protein are varied, but they are often very useful for athletes who know that they are going to spend a long period of time without being able to eat anything, as well as for those who want to build muscle mass while they sleep.

Slow-release proteins can take up to six to seven hours to be fully absorbed, so they provide protein for a very long time. As a result, muscle protection, nutrition and recovery can be enhanced, for example, while you're in the office working, even if you can't eat at the time.

It is surprising, but today it is possible to take care of your muscle mass even when you are sleeping, and in Nutrimarket we offer you the best brands and the highest quality products to achieve it.

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