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What are slimming creams?

The slimming creams are, as the name suggests, creams that aim to eliminate fat from a certain localised area, as well as to improve the skin and tone it. 

This type of reducing creams or gels , are effective when applied to the desired area with consistency and a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

The slimming creams are usually made with natural ingredients that, when applied to the area, stimulate fat burning by increasing blood flow and have a lipolytic effect thanks to their active ingredients.

Among the most effective ingredients are caffeine, seaweed, linoleic acid, carnitine, as well as vitamins and minerals. 

What are slimming creams for?

  • Slimming creams help in the loss of localised fat, which can be difficult to eliminate.
  • They help to improve cellulite and skin condition in general.
  • Improve blood circulation because this type of cream is usually applied together with a massage on the area.
  • Nourish and moisturise the skin and can improve its appearance.
  • Improve the metabolism of adipocytes, the cells that form adipose tissue.

How to use slimming creams?

Apply the selected slimming cream on the problem areas and massage until completely absorbed. They usually have a cold effect. 

There are specific slimming creams for different problem areas, such as the abdomen , where the most fat can accumulate. Also, there are creams designed specifically for the day and others for the night.

Where do you sell slimming creams?

On our website you can find different options of effective slimming creams to choose from .

You can find different formats of slimming creams, in cream or gel format.

What is the best slimming cream?

We can find options of slimming creams for both men and women. Choose the one that fits our needs and that has been designed for the objective and area in which we want to reduce the amount of fat. 

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness , it is important to combine it with physical activity and a healthy diet.

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